Animated doc on ironworkers hits festival

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Mohawk Bridge Consortium loses appeal

Johnny Jacobs' case is officially closed and he is happy to move on. (Daniel J. Rowe The Eastern Door) [apss_share]   The Quebec Court of Appeals sided with ironworker Johnny Jacobs in his case against the Mohawk Bridge Consortium, closing the controversial case. The February 25 Court of Appeal judgement follows arguments heard November

Portraits honour Mohawk ironworkers in New York

Artist/Photographer Melissa Cacciola (right) was inspired by the Kanien'kehá:ka ironworkers stories in building the city she grew up in. Her tintype portraits, such as the one of Lindsay LeBorgne (left), now hang at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in Manhattan. (Courtesy Austin Nelson) [apss_share] Mohawk Ironworkers are part of the fabric of New York

Ironworker fights “alien” term

Ironworker Chris Brown believes that the I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) form he was told he must fill out to work in the United States is inconsistent with the 1795 Jay Treaty. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] Chris Brown has been slinging steel as an ironworker in New York for almost