G&R report meeting questioned

“The recommendations are just band-aid solutions,” said Tracy Cross, referring to the mitigation options proposed to address the nauseating odours emitting from the recycling site in Kanesatake. “We cannot and will not stand by government officials any longer as our health deteriorates.” Cross was among the Kanehsata’kehró:non who attended a meeting

G&R air study report released

(File photo) A putrid smell fills the air and lungs of those living near the shut-down recycling centre. Characterized by its pungent “rotten egg” odour, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is not only malodorous. It is also a toxic and potentially harmful gas. An ambient air quality study report draft obtained by The Eastern Door

Fighting climate change one tree at a time

When it comes to the fight against climate change, planting trees is part of the solution. As a substantive and affordable counter-action to mitigating human-caused emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), the Kahnawake Environment Protection Office (KEPO) launched its tree planting Há’o Tewaiéntho! Let’s Plant! initiative. Between Monday, October 4 and

The sharing of seeds and teachings

Christine Loft-Jones planted the seeds of her annual corn harvest in anticipation of the Full Flower Moon on May 26. “There’s a whole teaching about planting by the moon cycles,” explained the Kahnawa’kehró:non. “One of our beliefs is that the light of the moon helps to pull on the seeds, which

Governments react to G & R contamination

File photo Despite the permit revocation and stalling of the operations of G & R Recycling last October, the harmful contamination caused by the centre’s activities in Kanesatake continues to stir up concern. An investigation published by The Eastern Door last Friday, September 10, revealed that over a five-year period, G &

Investigation reveals damning contamination

LAURENCE BRISSON DUBREUIL, THE EASTERN DOOR John Harding has never gotten used to the stink. Every time he neared the G & R Recycling site and the waters that flow by its operations on Kanehsatake land, his nose filled with “the smell of opening a septic tank and sticking your head inside.

Potential destructive port halted

COURTESY LAURENTIA PROJECT The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake (MCK) breathed a sigh of relief after Ottawa announced that it had blocked the Quebec City Laurentia port expansion project. The decision, announced in late June, was made after the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada published an environmental assessment report on the project. The report

Responsible birding for a healthy population

COURTESY ONAWA K. JACOBS While we all continue to put our best foot forward in the fight against COVID-19, birds in Kahnawake are in a battle of their own. Mycoplasmosis, better known as finch eye disease, is an infectious bacterial disease that affects the eyes and upper respiratory tract of birds. The

Restoring nature for the community

Excavation conducted as part of the project includes initial work at the beach area on July 7, 2020. (COURTESY KEPO FACEBOOK PAGE) As the rainy weather slowly fades, and warmer temperatures seep in, there is a growing sense of anticipation among Kahnawa’kehró:non looking to take advantage of the different recreational features part

Big Fence ecological inventory underway

Starting this week and lasting through the fall, Kahnawake Environment Protection Office (KEPO) staff will be heading out to the Big Fence area to conduct an ecological study. Big Fence is home to a variety of wildlife habitats including reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish, birds, and rare plants. “The purpose is to update