Miracle baby born too soon in Akwesasne

Kawisatens Clay Swamp was born at 25 weeks and 1.9 pounds, and his mom needs your help. (Photo Courtesy Haylee Jacco) [apss_share]   There was a miracle in Akwesasne earlier this month, with Haylee Jacco giving birth to a young boy named Kawisatens Clay Swamp. This boy isn’t an ordinary baby; he was

Renewable energy program has sunny future

The renewable energy industry is rapidly growing, and with a current workforce nearing retirement, a new generation of employees will soon be needed. (File Photo) [apss_share]  Renewable energy is a fast-growing industry, and has become good option for career futures as the need for energy expands. The Iohahi:io Adult Education Centre in

Two communities planning for cannabis future

Loraine White (business development and legal council) and Lewis Mitchell (president) let out a huge sigh of relief when the federal approval of their cannabis production facility finally came through, making the Seven Leaf proprietors the first Onkwehón:we entrepreneurs to do so in the country. (Courtesy Seven Leaf) [apss_share] Those who attended