Dialogue is important

[juiz_sps buttons="facebook, twitter, mail"] Contrary to my assumption that every person who dresses in a stereotypical “Pocahottie” and “Indian Warrior” costume is a small-minded bigot, it turns out some aren’t all that bad. I received that reality check recently thanks to former Montreal Alouettes’ football player Brian Brikowski. Brikowski attended a western-themed party

Stop the Pocahotties

[apss_share] A western-themed party organized by the owner of Montreal Alouettes’ football team last week sparked controversy after photos posted to Instagram revealed a few guests wearing stereotypical “Pocahottie” and “Indian Warrior” Halloween costumes. Among those sporting fringe, feathers and face paint was Alouettes’ linebacker Kyries Hebert. When criticized for the costume, Hebert

What the $%# did I just watch?

[juiz_sps buttons="facebook, twitter, mail"] The latest controversy in cultural appropriation news erupted this week when a New Brunswick singer attempted to bring attention to her Acadian roots and failed miserably in the process. Natasha St-Pier’s latest music video for Tous Les Acadiens not only has Indigenous people scratching their head in disbelief,