Iawentón:nia Kohserà:ke (tánon ne watstáhshion)!

When it comes to opinions, TED's mighty mite Kahenientha Cross doesn't mince words. (File Photo) [apss_share] Kí ohstón:’a wahentiiohstá:nion ontié:nawa’se kí tsi kohserà:ke tsi niiawentón:nia, iah thakkwé:ni akatehrhá:rate ne kakwitehnéhkha akawerá:ron – sénha ki’ ioiá:nere aio’nísko tsi ní:ioht ne tóhsa taontá:we wáhi? Tsi teiottenionhá:tie ne awén:ta kwah nék ne ionkwaswa’tón:ni tohkara’k nienkarahkó:ten, tánon

“Rights recognition framework” delayed for now

Russell Diabo (right), pictured here with Assembly of First Nations national chief Perry Bellegarde, is warning all First Nations in Canada about dealings with Ottawa. (Courtesy Russell Diabo) [apss_share]   Russell Diabo Special to The Eastern Door   During the 2015 federal campaign the Liberal party of Justin Trudeau made a number of big promises in

Two nights of Obomsawin at Pop

What is that? A screw? A fuse? A puck with a medical problem? (Courtesy Pop Montreal) Alanis Obomsawin was born in 1932 and a large part of her life has been spent as an advocate for Native issues. She has done this through art, music, and written word, but she is

The benefits of being home for the school year

By: Tahotharatie Diabo, The Eastern Door’s Heads Up Honcho [apss_share] Since I was young my mother has taught me everything I know, from reading to writing to math to science and history. Being home schooled has taught me not only about basic subjects but has taught me about life too. It’s strange to think that

Was it an AFN assembly or a Liberal party meeting?

By: Russell Diabo, Special to The Eastern Door [apss_share] The Assembly of First Nations just held its 38th Annual Assembly in Regina, Saskatchewan two weeks ago, with reportedly about 320 chiefs or proxies attending, including Mohawk Council grand chief Joseph Tokwiro Norton. During his opening speech AFN national chief Perry Bellegarde said the AFN “is

Casino project has supporters, detractors

[apss_share] Unanswered questions. That’s what came out of the media’s meeting with Lee Thompson and his supporters, for his proposed new water park/hotel/casino. The plan, according to the proponents, was to get a petition into the community two weeks ago to gauge support, and, if 850 people signed, the project would go ahead,

Celebrating 25 years of telling your stories

[apss_share] What does it mean when an independent Onkwehón:we newspaper makes it to 25 years in operation? First off, it’s important to consider this: without a free press that asks the tough questions and covers the difficult stories, free of any influence from outside forces (including the Mohawk Council or anything that