Kanien’kehá:ka among land defenders arrested

(Courtesy Layla Staats) On the morning of November 18, helicopters were whipping the air above the Gidimt’en checkpoint in Wet’suwet’en territory. Given the history of the Wet’suwet’en struggle against the encroachment of the Coastal GasLink (CGL) oil pipeline, it was an ominous sight for the land defenders below. There was a feeling about

A fiery goodbye

Carl “Bo” Curotte was known as a fighter. He fought for his people’s rights. He was a rebel with many causes and believed that the old ways were the right way. He was a traditionalist who spent half his life learning about who he was and what it meant to be

Local cooking show wins innovation award

(Courtesy Frankie Massicotte) What’s for Lunch, a community cooking show that promotes healthy eating and family bonding, was the winner of the innovation award at this year’s Order of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Quebec award gala. Co-hosts Chantal Haddad, a community dietitian and nutritionist at the Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre (KMHC), and

A safe space for LGBTQ2S+

Not long ago, an LGBTQ2S+ Kahnawa’kehró:non in need of a safe space might not have found one in Kahnawake. “I think it’s something that so many people need, and I think the community doesn’t realize how much it’s needed,” said Tanner Phillips, a 31-year-old Kahnawa’kehró:non who came out as a trans

Kanien’kehá:ka youth achieves lifelong dream

There’s a lot of homework involved in becoming a lawyer, but Joëlle Perron-Thibodeau, a Kanien’kehá:ka who grew up spending weekends and summers in Kanesatake, decided to assign herself a little extra ahead of her swearing-in ceremony. Every lawyer swears a standard declaration when they get called to the bar, but according to

Looking deeper at land claims

Land claims and land grievances are no stranger to Onkwehón:we, and the convoluted history of Indigenous rights and lands has been prevalent since settlers arrived hundreds of years ago. In this series, we will be breaking down the significance of land claims and land grievances while spotlighting notable voices that

Kahnawa’kehró:non celebrates 100th birthday at home

(Courtesy Roberta Duhaime) [apss_share] Mary Paul described her recent birthday celebration as “unforgettable.” Last Sunday, June 14, Paul joined the centenarian club. Surrounded by balloons, flowers and friends, the occasion was celebrated in her backyard along with her daughter, Roberta Duhaime and fellow neighbors. “I never thought I would reach this age,” said Paul. Paul

Stalk marks 30 years of Eiffel Tower climb

The adrenaline junkie that he is, Albert Stalk said that although he did not invent parkour, he was doing it before it became “the new thing.” (Courtesy Albert Stalk) [apss_share]  This Sunday (February 16) marks the 30th anniversary of Albert Stalk’s death-defying Eiffel Tower climb in Paris.  In fact, Stalk, or Eiffel Al as

Looking back on a life well-lived

(Courtesy Orenda Curotte) [apss_share] “If you ask anybody in Kahnawake who Josie Curotte was, they will answer ‘the judge,’” said Josie’s daughter, Orenda Boucher-Curotte. “It was what she was known for,” added her older brother, Karonhiio Curotte. Josephine Patricia Kawennihe Curotte passed away suddenly from a suspected heart attack at the age of