Housing bill shoots to $695K missing from books

Kim Diabo, Tammy Whitebean and Rickey Diabo are holding their receipts and continue to wait for their case to be settled, as the Housing Department investigation found that almost $700,000 is missing from its books. (file photo) [apss_share] The final housing assessment report was released last Friday with many community members asking

Dual drug busts result in charges for local men

Another drug bust in Kahnawake set the tone for the weekend with more than a handful of Peacekeepers on scene. The bust followed an already hectic week for the PK's, which included a knife-point robbery along with another drug bust across from Kahnawake Survival School Wednesday. [apss_share] Last Friday wasn’t a good

Scientists fly to Kuujjuaq, show off projects

Students from Kahnawake and one from Kanesatake scienced their way to the Inuit community of Kuujjuaq for a youth science fair and made their communities proud by bringing home some sweet prizes. Catch them proudly nerding out over their top-notch science experiments. [apss_share] Kahnawake science geeks traveled far and wide to the

Miracle baby born too soon in Akwesasne

Kawisatens Clay Swamp was born at 25 weeks and 1.9 pounds, and his mom needs your help. (Photo Courtesy Haylee Jacco) [apss_share]   There was a miracle in Akwesasne earlier this month, with Haylee Jacco giving birth to a young boy named Kawisatens Clay Swamp. This boy isn’t an ordinary baby; he was

Kanien’kéha word sparks fight

Ronald Phillips is still waiting for an apology from Howick Elementary. (Courtesy Ronald Phillips) [apss_share]   Racism: the one word that can instantly cause trouble and spark a movement. We’ve all had our fair share of issues with people, especially in schools. At the end of February, Ronald Phillips sent his daughter Saharah and

Young family needs your love and support

Through the loving support of their friends and family, Lindsay Delaronde and Guy Louie Jr. are planning to beat cancer and come out stronger. (Courtesy Lindsay Delaronde) [apss_share]   Kahnawake is well-known for coming together in times of need and helping one another, and the most recent time is no different. Lindsay Delaronde and

Potholes, potholes everywhere! It’s winter!

Kahnawake's crews ran out of cold asphalt and are working overtime to fill those nasty holes that pop up around town when the temperatures drop. (Tehosterihens Deer, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] Montreal is well-known as one of the best places to be, with their fantastic food, art, bars, and…..potholes! The city is locally-known

Fire Brigade assembles new paramedic team

Tanner Phillips is instructing a class of paramedics-in-training that includes sister Ashlan, and is a first of its kind in Kahnawake. The instructor continues a familial tradition in emergency services that includes his father and mother.  (Tehosterihens Deer, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] The Kahnawake Fire Brigade (KFB) has begun a course for