Looking deeper at land claims

Land claims and land grievances are no stranger to Onkwehón:we, and the convoluted history of Indigenous rights and lands has been prevalent since settlers arrived hundreds of years ago. In this series, we will be breaking down the significance of land claims and land grievances while spotlighting notable voices that

New chief comes clean

Steve Bonspiel The Eastern Door Ryan Montour was on a path of self-destruction when a lifestyle of drinking, drugging and high-risk behaviour finally caught up to him that one fateful night 10 years ago.  On March 2, 2011, Montour’s life changed forever after he left a local bar under the influence

Grand Debate unveils key platforms

STEVE BONSPIEL THE EASTERN DOOR This article was written in collaboration with Greg Horn, Iorì:wase.  The five candidates for grand chief squared off in the second-ever Grand Debate, hosted by the community’s media outlets. This was the first opportunity for the community to hear directly from each candidate. The Eastern Door and Iorì:wase

Fighting for Onkwehón:we women’s rights

COURTESY COURTNEY MONTOUR Mary Two-Axe Earley was a powerful woman who affected change, yet far too many people don’t know who she is. That’s about to change. Kahnawa’kehró:non Courtney Montour’s latest film, Mary Two-Axe Earley: I am Indian Again, is equally as powerful. Created with archival footage cultivated from Two-Axe Earley’s incredible fight

Wahonwatiianerenhserahskéhnha’se’ ne konnonkwehón:we

(Courtesy Esmond Choueke) (Courtesy of Rosemary Two Rivers) Onwá:ri Two-Axe Earley ie’nikonhra’shátstehkwe’ taierihón:ni’ taontté:ni’, ok ki’ shé:kon só:tsi é:so iá:kon iah tekonwaienté:ri ónhka ne nakáonha. Nè:’e tewatteniónhe’. Kahnwa’kehró:non Courtney Montour naonhà:’a tiakokarasé’stsi teióia’ks, Mary TwoAxe Early: I am Indian Again, sha’teka’shátste tsi ní:ioht. Wa t e r i h w a t e w

A beautiful soul gone too soon

(PHOTOS COURTESY SUZANNE JACOBS) [apss_share] Dear Readers: As an essential service that is still open during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Eastern Door is fighting hard to keep news like this flowing, in our print product, though an online subscription at www.eastermdoor.com and here, for free, on our website and Facebook. But when a large

Wendy and her crazy antics return

(Courtesy Dana Marquis) [apss_share]   Wendy, that hard-drinking, over-thinking, introverted slacker who is perpetually hung-over is baaaaaaack! All 273 pages of her; 275 if you count the last two totally dark ones, which you probably should, since, you know, she’s pretty dark. Reviewing books in a community newspaper can be serious work, but when Kahnawa’kehró:non