Mystery of the unknown ironworker is yet to be solved

Can you identify the cardboard cutout of this unknown riveter taken sometime in the 40s? (Peter Phillips, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] This week’s Blast from the Past is unique in the sense that it comes in the form of a cardboard cutout of an ironworker, as seen above. As with many of these types

Laxer provides fascinating look into War of 1812

The last major war fought on Canadian soil which featured a rare moment of unity among indigenous peoples, a British empire determined to keep its foothold in Canada and a rising new American power. (Peter Phillips, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] Tecumseh and Brock: the War of 1812, is a great read for

Commemorating, never forgetting 1990

Bryan Deer spent his summer 27 years ago at the barricades on the Mercier Bridge. Tuesday he commemorated that act of resistance with his daughter Kashennoktha at the foot of the same bridge. (Peter Phillips, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] Early in the morning on July 11th, the Surete du Quebec conducted a

Tent Caterpillars and inchworms infest community

[apss_share] They are tiny, repulsive and difficult little things. They stick to clothes, devour leaves and are an absolute pain to remove. If one hasn’t already realized, Kahnawake is currently under siege by hordes of tent caterpillars and inchworms. The two species can be differentiated by the fact that tent caterpillars are covered

Kirby earns rare National Theatre School spot

Wahsontiio Kirby, whose acting days began with the Turtle Island Theatre program, has now risen through the ranks to join the National Theatre School of Canada. (File photo) [apss_share] In what was her biggest and most daunting challenge yet, Wahsontiio Kirby became one of the few locals to be accepted into the

Second World War buddies hanging in Buffalo

In the photo from right to left are Ernie Hill, Rainy Diabo Sr. and Norman Lefebvre. Unfortunately the officer with the peaked cap could not be identified. (Debbie Cross) [apss_share] This week’s Blast from the Past takes things back to late second World War America and features two young Mohawks in the

Ambitious initiative takes on community challenges

A new tech initiative revealed at the Host Hotel in Kahnawake last week is hoping to uncover real numbers for specific potentially vulnerable sections of the community - Peter Phillips, The Eastern Door. [apss_share] Last Friday, January 27, the Host Hotel served as the backdrop for an ambitious new tech initiative in

Games, food, fun for everyone at fair

Pat’s Pets was on the scene, as he and the kids chill with a Burmese Python named Lewis. (Peter Phillips, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] Thursday afternoon Karonhianónhnha School was host to the Young Adults Program’s (YAP) annual fun fair and was open to the whole community. “This is one of the events of