Montreal gallery celebrates Indigenous beading

Swing by La Guilde in Montreal and visitors can get a blend of tradition and modern beadwork, as the gallery celebrates some of the most inventive bead artists of the contemporary art scene. (Mehanaz Yakub, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] La Guilde, an art gallery and museum in downtown Montreal, has a new

Government steps up to fund language initiatives

A huge chunk of change for the Iakwahwatsiratátie Language Nest from the federal government will give staff some relief from year-round fundraising efforts to help the youngest Kanien’kehá:ka in the community grow up learning their first language. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) [apss_share]  Liberal MP Marc Miller was in Kahnawake Wednesday

A double wedding and milestone anniversary

(Left to right) Donald Jocks, Olive Day, Duckie Jocks, Johnny Jocks, Big Six, Jeanne Jocks, Pauline Stacey, Pat Stacey and Evelyn Montour Cook celebrating a double wedding and 25th wedding anniversary. (Courtesy Christine Stacey) [apss_share] “You know, if we don’t get these names written down, they are going to get lost,” said

Master laxers return to sport of their youth

The mixed Mann's Travel team came in third at the Ohi'yo tournament this weekend, thanks to strong defence and smooth offensive plays. (Courtesy Teiawenniserate Tomlinson) [apss_share] The passion for the Creator’s game did not evaporate like the sweat off the backs of a core number of Kanehsata’kehró:non. Today, as men with jobs and

Iroquois village dug up downtown on Peel Street

Montreal archaeologists dug only 60 centimetres below the asphalt before uncovering artifacts from a 14th century St. Lawrence Iroquoian village near Peel and Sherbrooke Street. (Courtesy Roland Tremblay) [apss_share] After 11 long months of digging, archaeologists from the private company Ethnoscop have publicly announced the discovery of thousands of fragmented artifacts of

Ms. Fran is saying goodbye after over 35 years

Fran Montour is ready to say good-bye to teaching, for now after over 35 years. She hopes to return to Kateri School each time she starts missing it. (Mehanaz Yakub, The Eastern Door) [apss_share] Fran Montour has been teaching grades one through six – but never three – for over 35 years.