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Jeremy White and his new, hip podcast



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The Jeremy White Podcast debuted on Tuesday (September 1), with the resident broadcaster and radio personality as host.

In his new podcast, White will share thoughts on everything from music, current events to relationships, politics, and even poutine. He will also be talking about Kahnawake and what’s happening in the community – something he said he has never had the chance to do before, but always wanted to.

Listeners can also expect a wide range of guests and extended interviews with artists and musicians from all genres of music, as well as celebrities, experts and some of White’s own friends and colleagues.

“The podcast has been sort of in the works for almost two years now,” said White, who is also the host of the Jeremy White Show on The Beat 92.5.

“The radio show that I do now, there are a lot of constraints when it comes to not only just content, but the duration that I am allowed to talk on the air. It is a very weird kind of give and take situation because, for the longest time, I was sort of anti-podcast because I am a broadcaster. I have an actual audience that I go to, and I talk to on a nightly basis,” he said.

However, he said that during the pandemic he realized that he needed to do it. He credits one of his best friends and biggest influences, rock journalist Mitch Lafon as a source of inspiration.

Lafon, who hosts his own very popular podcast, Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, co-hosted the first part of White’s inaugural show.

“I have a really great agent, so when I got my contract done last year, and we worked out all these different things in the contract that would allow me to do this type of project,” he said.

During Tuesday’s show, White interviewed Steve Stevens from Billy Idol. Stevens talked about the challenge of being inventive with the guitar and having to find a unique voice with his playing and tone.

Stevens also divulged that there is new Billy Idol music in the works, and it might be released sooner rather than later.

“To go from having time constraints of 45 seconds to now basically an open-ended tape is exciting to me. Because it is going to be something completely different, and I am going to be able to talk about music or talk about things that are happening around my community, where I never really had an outlet to discuss those types of topics. Everything is going to be done in my home studio,” said White.

White started his career as a broadcaster when he was 15 at K1037, helping Lance Delisle with the morning show during his summer vacation.

A few years later, The Beat 92.5 took notice of White and offered him a job. where he has worked on and off for almost nine years now.

“I really hope the community gives the podcast a chance, and hopefully I have something that I can offer them,” he said.

White is currently working on different interviews with some of the biggest stars in the world. He said that over the years, he was able to cultivate relationships with different record labels. And it’s now paying off.

“I am trying to get Sammy Hagar, one of the former singers of Van Halen. Shania Twain has got a new album coming out in October, so I’m working to getting her on the show,” said White.

“It’s going to be long-form conversations with artists that you know, but also at the same time getting to know me a little bit more as Jeremy White and not just the 45-second doses that you get on the radio,” he added.

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