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Dual drug busts result in charges for local men

Another drug bust in Kahnawake set the tone for the weekend with more than a handful of Peacekeepers on scene. The bust followed an already hectic week for the PK’s, which included a knife-point robbery along with another drug bust across from Kahnawake Survival School Wednesday.

Last Friday wasn’t a good Friday, with two major drug raids in the community.

Two local males were arrested after the Kahnawake Peacekeepers successfully executed a warrant at two locations on the Old Malone Highway. Both raids took place at the same time, around 9 a.m., near the Poissant and Deer funeral parlour and across from the Language Nest.

Peacekeepers announced that the operation was months in the making, with a total of 14 Peacekeepers on the scene.

“The warrant and investigation were executed through the controlled drug and substance act (CDSA),” said Assistant Peacekeeper chief Jodi Diabo.

The recent raid was not the only incident that occurred last week, with an armed robbery on the Old Malone Highway earlier that week.

“At exactly 8:59 p.m (March 22). the suspect, who is believed to be a local, robbed a non-local worker by knifepoint and ran off with a small amount of cash,” said Diabo.

Diabo explained that nobody was injured in the robbery and that the suspect is still at large.

Another incident involving drugs took place last Wednesday, March 27 across from Kahnawake Survival School.

“The local store KTM was involved in a warrant that was executed at 14:15 (March 27). The warrant was only for cannabis where we also seized a bunch of illicit cannabis, edibles, and vape. There was somebody arrested not related to the warrant who had suspected cocaine on them,” said Diabo.

The drug bust involved three people at the KMT cigarette store with a total of six officers participating in the operations on the 132.

Three locals are facing charges for possession for trafficking and distributing drugs under the CDSA.

Concerning last Friday, March 29, Donald ‘Buck’ McComber (52) was arrested and charged with trafficking.

“He was formally charged in court for the possession to traffic oxycodone under the controlled drugs and substances act,” said Diabo.

There was also some hashish, cannabis and electronic devices found on scene along with the suspected opioids.

McComber’s intitial court date was last Monday, but was pushed until Tuesday where he was arraigned. His next court date is scheduled for June 13.

Regarding the other bust near Poissant and Deer, the charges are pending as the individual promised to appear in court. As of press time, there is no information regarding the second drug bust.

When arriving on the scene, a local male who lives near the area mentioned that this wasn’t the first time Peacekeepers were on scene.

“This has to be the third time this week that a police vehicle is there, nothing but trouble there,” said an anonymous source.

Another recent issue was the assault on an infant that occurred last week, leaving many in the community concerned and appalled.

The local male was charged with aggravated assault and child endangerment. He could not be identified because a minor is involved.

On Wednesday, two Kahnawake Peacekeepers aided Chateauguay Police in a number of drug raids. Neighbouring community police forces also participated in the raids where cannabis products, pills, and cocaine was found.

Over 135 officers from Kahnawake, Beauharnois, St. Constant, Delson, St. Isidore, and Lery participated in over a dozen raids. The Eastern Door contacted the Chateauguay police but they were unavailable for comment

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