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Car-moose collision produces miracle

Miraculously, no one was hurt when a fully-grown cow moose collided with a Ford Fusion on an unlit road, as a couple, including a pregnant woman, travelled to visit family. (Courtesy Karihwenhawi Kane)


Soon-to-be-mother Karihwenhawi Kane and her boyfriend Kevin were driving to visit family in the Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick last Wednesday (June 7), and are thankful to be unhurt after a catastrophic collision with a moose.

While on the unlit portion of Highway 20 travelling east, the couple entered a section where wildlife running on the road can be hazardous.

“The sun started going down and we were hitting the mountains in Riviere du Loup, so I asked my boyfriend to drive,” said Kane, who is eight months pregnant with the couple’s first child. “There were big flashing signs warning of moose crossings, (and) the next thing I know, literally 10 minutes later, we pass a huge transport on a one-lane highway and boom! A giant female moose and her two babies (appear).”

What happened next is something any motorist driving in areas containing moose dread.

“We hit her head on and she came through our windshield and flew right over our roof,” said Kane.

A female moose can weigh over 1,000 pounds, and the one the couple hit died shortly after the impact.

Kane, her boyfriend, and unborn baby boy were all unharmed, save for scratches and bruises.

“I had glass and moose hair in my mouth,” said Kane. “Our only concern was our baby boy. It took the ambulance 30 minutes to get there, (and) five cars past before even stopping to help us.”

A second car hit the moose carcass and also crashed, while the couple was waiting for responders to arrive. The young male driver from Ottawa was transported to the hospital with shock. He sustained minor injuries.

Kane and her boyfriend were thankfully wearing their seatbelts, and she posted on her Facebook page to remind drivers to check that their airbags work properly. The Ford Fusion the couple was driving is a complete write-off and the airbags failed to deploy on impact due to a defect.

All three are resting comfortably, shaken up, but thankful they suffered no serious injuries.

“It’s a miracle that we’re alive,” said Kane. “Honestly, even the first responders were shocked. We seriously had angels protecting us that night.”

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