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Horn’s star continues to bounce and show range

Kaniehtiio Horn’s range as an actor was on full display in 2015 playing the quirky, fun and charming artist Paige in the web series Blank Paige among a plethora of drama, action and comedy roles. (Courtesy
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Tuesday, the independently produced web series Blank Paige launched online, starring Kahnawa’kehró:non actress Kaniehtiio Horn, whose depth and talent continued to grow in 2015.

Horn worked steadily for the past year on series and feature films, and picked up the lead role in the web series as the charming, conflicted and quirky lead role.

“I did that one to prove to myself that I could carry something as a lead,” said Horn. “Also, it was nice to be doing something in Montreal again, and the director (Andre Simoneau) is a very good friend of mine.”

The five-episode series can be viewed online at and is written by Montreal actress Hannah Dorozio.

The series centre’s on Paige’s travails in love and life in Montreal, and is a far cry from Horn’s role as Destiny Rumancek on the fantasy/horror Netflix original Hemlock Grove that wrapped last year as well.

“Tiio obviously is really holding the whole thing together,” said Simoneau. “She’s in most of the scenes and she really does a good job, and it’s cool for her to have that kind of a leading lady, funny, natural kind of role. She’s well-suited to that.”

The show’s writer and producer was excited to have someone capture the essence of her lead character, and bring life to the lines.

“Tiio brings a lot of subtlety in her performance which conveys a lot of Paige’s heart – the heart of the character,” said Dorozio. “She’s beautiful and in her acting she’s very present.”

Since finishing Hemlock Grove’s final season, Horn has been busy.

She appeared in a pair of episodes on the Canadian comedy TV series Letterkenny, played an MMA fighter on the series Beauty and the Beast, and booked a role as a love interest on the upcoming comedy series What Would Sal Do?

“I’m really proud of 2015,” said Horn. “I managed to work every month last year, and on really special projects.”

One thing Horn sacrificed to work on Canadian-produced projects was salary. Independent and Canadian projects do not pay what those south of the border do, but Horn was happy to be a part of the northern industry.

“I’m really an advocate for telling our own stories up in Canada,” she said.

Horn did not hesitate to take the role of Paige for her friend, and acted the professional throughout.

“She was pretty gracious for the whole thing,” said Simoneau. “Obviously we didn’t have the kind of budget and logistics that bigger productions have. As soon as I proposed the idea to her, she was on board.”

Horn is in Los Angeles this week looking to book roles in various pilots.

The films 22 Chaser and Prodigals also feature Horn, and are set for release in 2016.

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